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Ford Probe Quad light with sleepy eye mod

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  • Ford Probe Quad light with sleepy eye mod

    HID Members,

    I've been working on building a Ford Probe pretty hardcore over the last few months, I've got all the fabrication done for all of my performance mods and I've nearly completed rewiring the entire car and the only thing I'm stuck on is my headlights.

    I'm attempting to replicate a quad eye light setup with the sleepy eye mod. Something similar to this setup:

    Fairly simple for most users however I feel completely lost on what to purchase. I get the jist of the wiring for the setup based on what I found in my specific car platform's forums ( however I just completely run into a road block on what to get.

    If someone could help me put together the 'wish list' of things I'll need to purchase it would be greatly appreciated as TRS is having a great sale this weekend.

    Quad lights (2x high/2x low)
    2.5" (70mm) lights (I tested a few really old cheap projector housings I found laying around from junkyard stuff and the 3" don't fit well
    6000k or less on the bulb temp/color (preferred but not 100% a necessity)
    I'd 'love' to add some halos around the projectors (white with a possible connection to turn signals with amber)

    None, truthfully, the amount I'll end up spending just on lights is a drop in the bucket compared to everything else so I might as well get exactly what I want but I suspect I'm going to end up in the $1,000-$1,500 range

    The Probe used an old school 4x6 headlight with the 3 prong plug that connects to the backside of the headlight so I don't have a factory housing or anything to put the projects in

    Picture of car for attention:


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    How about these? They're a sealed design so no housings needed, uses 9005 bulbs so you can run HIRs for the time being
    Originally posted by HK45
    I don't even look to see what Eddie writes anymore. I'm too busy staring at his avatar.


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      Thanks for the heads up as I was actually look at this exact Hella light setup but wasn't positive if this was the right call or not. Appreciate the feedback


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        I found a 60mm related thread here
        Originally posted by HK45
        I don't even look to see what Eddie writes anymore. I'm too busy staring at his avatar.


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          Any recommendations for a bulb configuration that would meet what I'm looking for? I did a bit of digging in youtube and forums but tons of different options with no great comparisons.


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            Curious if these would fit in the Hella projectors. If they would, this may be ideal.



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              On my 2001 Firebird, I tried a few different projectors. I have some pics in my thread:

              If you want small sealed projectors, the Hella 60mm are decent. A 9005 HID Kit works well in them too.

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