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New Member with questions about D5S

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  • New Member with questions about D5S

    Hi all new member here.
    I’ve used the forum in the past (only viewing as a non-member) to answer a few questions in the past so I’ll take this opportunity to thank everybody for that.
    I’m currently looking at building a HID/Halogen lamp into a motorcycle. The original headlamp has two halogen H7 bulbs one for dipped and one for main beam, I’m looking into the possibility of replacing the dipped beam with a bi-xenon projector light.
    I picked up a replacement headlamp unit with a heat damaged dipped beam reflector. I then bought the cheapest bi-xenon projector unit I could find to see if fitting is viable and looks like it is.
    I plan to use a 25 Watt D5S burner for two reasons first is I tried to run a D2S burner from the bikes headlamp and it will attempt to ignite the burner (the burner does actually light) but after a fraction of a second the bike cuts power to the ballast and registers a bulb waring alarm. I’m assuming the increased power required to bring the burner up to full power is greater than the halogen draws and the bike thinks a wiring fault. Other is ideally I’d like something that is legal in the UK. 35 Watt HID needs self-levelling and headlamp wash and that’s just not viable on a bike.
    By pure luck the bi-xenon projector lamp I bought appears to be for D5S use. I discovered this when after, modding the holder so a D2S burner would fit the beam pattern was clearly all wrong. On this forum I found information that D5S has a different point of focus to other burners, had a play free hand and moving the burner back looked to give proper focus so I machined up a 9.1 mm spacer to replicate where a D5S light source would sit in the lamp and low and behold beam pattern was exactly as I have seen in all the beam shot pictures posted here and elsewhere.
    So, if I may a few questions for those with greater knowledge than me.
    First anybody know what the typical max current of a D5S lamp is on start up? I got about 4.6 amps before bike will trigger an error.
    I’ve got experience of Philips OEM ballast for D2S were the ballast igniter is in one unit off the burner but none of the D5S I understand that D1S have the igniter on the burner and ballast off the lamp but D5S (which looks very similar to D1S) has both ballast and igniter on the lamp and only requires 12 volt power to the burner if this is true anybody know what the power socket into a D5S lamp is and are they readily available?
    And finally, anybody based in the UK got any experience of taking a 25 Watt retrofit with no self-levelling/wash system through an MOT?
    Sorry for such a rambling first post.

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    I can't help you with the D5S stuff, but if you want some upgraded H7 in the meantime, Daniel Stern got a load of H7 with H9 burners on them (a.k.a. Osram Rallye style).