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New Morimoto HID bulbs green color?

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  • New Morimoto HID bulbs green color?

    Just purchased a morimoto elite hid kit 35 w with 5500 k h11b. I have been using them for 20 hours and there is still this green tint (also a little bit of yellow) to the color, no were near "pure white". I would be fine it is a bit yellow but there is a predominately green tone to the light. Is this part of the break in period and they will get more white over time or is this an issue with moimoto? If so can you recommend another h11b bulb brand that is superior. I have used Kensun and thought it was time to upgrade due to problems with ballast durability. I have attached pics below
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    Had the same issue:

    In short I switched to 6500k and no more green tint issues.