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XenonDepot H1 Bulb Kelvin and Hue?

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  • XenonDepot H1 Bulb Kelvin and Hue?

    I have been running Morimoto H1 4500k bulbs for a few months on 55w now, and I am kind of unhappy with the green color that Morimoto tends to have.

    For those of you that have any experience using the XenonDepot bulbs, are they better or worse? The main thing I want to know is what color temperature is going to give me a pure white look without any cool or warm tint to it. They have 5000k and 6500k but I'm not sure if 5000k is a high enough color temp. on 55w.

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    5000K runs a bit warm even at 35W, will be very warm at 55W, you'll want 6500K. Neither have any green hue, they're a warmer color compared to the "greener" hue of Morimoto and CNLight.

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