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AL Gen 2 Ballasts with Hella Gen 4 Igniters?

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  • AL Gen 2 Ballasts with Hella Gen 4 Igniters?

    I have a set of headlights salvaged from an E46. E46 projectors with the ballast/igniter combo pictured below:

    I noticed newer models use the same ballasts, but with the below igniters:

    I also noticed the Hella Gen 4 igniters look pretty much identical physically, just with a metal housing:

    I figured since both the AL gen 2 ballasts and the Hella gen 4 ballasts are also D1S compatible, the igniters should be interchangeable too. OEM Hella igniters can be bought a lot cheaper than the AL igniters, so I bought a pair of those. Also got a pair of the appopriate bulb holders to mount those igniters to the AL projectors. I wired them up (I'm 99.9% sure I got the pinout right), tried firing them up and... nothing. Tried multiple bulbs, multiple igniters. Igniter that came with the ballasts work fine. Tried connecting a D1S bulb to the ballast, and that fires up fine. I don't have a pair of the AL litronic igniters to test out.

    So any thoughts as to what I could be doing wrong? Are the Hella and AL igniters actually not interchangeable for some reason even though both ballasts are D1S compatible (and thus should probably have thet same wiring scheme)?

    Edit: Well I guess this forum is pretty dead nowadays. Nonetheless, I gave up. Decided to rig up a mount that lets me just use D1S bulbs instead.
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