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BMW E82 1 Series Coupe - solving poor output

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  • BMW E82 1 Series Coupe - solving poor output

    I'm hoping for some guidance from the experts on here with my project...

    First of all I'm based in the UK so whatever I use has to provide a right hand drive beam pattern.

    I've got a 2008 BMW E82 1 series coupe. It currently has the OEM valeo Bixenon (non adaptive) headlights.

    I've been really dissapointed with the light output especially compared to my 2005 volvo S60 which has a HID reflector based setup that works really well.

    I'm pretty convinced that my problem is burned projector bowls. I used a scope to have a look at the bowls and they seem discoloured.

    Having said that I also previously had a 1 series with bixenon from new and I was never that impressed with those either.

    I want to address the bad lighting and have come up with a few ideas. I'd welcome any views on what might work best or any other suggestions info.

    1: Direct replacement with some new Valeo headlights (addresses the burned bowls but I still don't think they will be great)

    2: Direct replacement with some new Hella headlights that look identical to the ones I have. Will the output be better with the hella units and will my existing ballasts fit into these units?

    3: Retrofit some other HID projectors in to my existing housings. The current set up is D1S so I'd have to use an adapter from D1S to D2S presumably. These adapters look quite large so I'm not sure if they will fit.

    4: Retrofit some LED projectors into the existing housings.

    I've read that the valeo units I have are likely to be permasealed but looking at the the sealant I can see seems fairly soft. I don't want to have to cut the actual housings as it rains a fair bit here and I don't want water getting inside.

    As a side note my headlights have a cornering light on the inside 'ring'. I'd really like to remove these and fit something brighter to suppliment the high beams. I drive on a lot of unlit country roads and good high beams are a must.

    I was wondering if I could retrofit some small LED units into that space.

    Basically any help gratefully received!

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    following as I am in the same situation.
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