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Morimoto XB 5500k - Second set and still color issues!

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  • Morimoto XB 5500k - Second set and still color issues!

    Hey everyone!

    My first pair of Morimoto XB H7-B 5500k bulbs had an odd sort of green tint (no I did not break them in for 40h) in terms of light output so I ended up switching to LED and ran a set of SNGL Super Focus Beam 5500k for about a month but....I really missed the power of HID compared to LEDs so I took a gamble and decided to give Morimoto another shot.

    This time round I decided to take no chances with "breaking them in" so I hooked up both ballasts and the new set of bulbs to a power supply and ran them straight for just over 40h on the bench, many forum searches suggested this was the average time it takes to break in a set of XB.

    First night out with the car and I can confirm that they are as bright as I remember them but....the color temperature is still all wrong. No way are these 5500k or anywhere near "pure" of "crystal" white as they should be.

    This photo was taken with my iPhone (I can do a DSLR photo if it helps) against the white garage door and you can see Morimoto XB 5500k main beam and SNGL 5500k ( suggests these are in fact closer to 5750k) LED high beam. This does not look to me like a 250k difference.

    This second photo shows the DRL on my car (somewhere between 5500k and maybe 5800k) and the projector (OEM halogen) running the Morimoto XB 5500k:

    Right now I don't know what to think:
    1. Is there a perpetual problem with Morimoto XB quality?
    2. Can my projector bowl or housing be affecting the color output? The SNGL 5500k LED output perfectly crisp white light, why don't the Morimoto?
    3. The H7 fitting on my headlight housing runs the notch at somewhere between the 7 and 8 o'clock position which means my only option is H7-B (return wire at 12 o'clock) so that the return wire is facing closed to 6 o'clock. Can this affect color output?
    4. Does it make sense to go for XB 6500k ?

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    If both bulbs (well all 4) are the same matching color, then it's probably the projectors. It's very common for halogen projectors to be yellower or otherwise affect the color of HIDs. You could try running them out of the projectors and seeing if that is more the color you'd expect. As for the LED output, who knows what color those were, they might be bluer than the Morimoto, and are also being affected, but better match what you'd expect. And yes, color output can definitely be affected by the return wire, but as long as it's up in the cutoff shadow, it should be fine. Otherwise, it will also make it yellower IMO


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      I ran them outside the projectors for 40h and they looked as white as they're supposed to so I'm guessing it could very well be the projectors. Why would they affect the color of HIDs and not Halogen or LEDs ?

      I've thought of getting a set of XB 6500k but I'm afraid there will be too much blue fringing because of the projectors.

      Do you know of any other bulb maker that makes H7-B type bulbs (return wire in the opposite position) ?
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        Morimoto 5500K bulbs have issues with being green. Also had a green set of H7s, switched to CNLight and no more green. XenonDepot is king of HID bulbs. Doubt they make H7-B though.

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