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Morimoto XB bulbs cheap rebranded bulbs?

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  • Morimoto XB bulbs cheap rebranded bulbs?

    The accusation:
    Beware that "Morimotos" are rebranded taobao bulbs from a non-name manufacturer, but with 600% profit margins.

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    I remember reading about them, apparently they were CNLight at one stage? Maybe I got the name wrong.
    Whatever they are, they are cheapo, stick with Philips/Osram if you can.


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      Well yes, XB HID bulbs are almost rebranded bulbs from another company. That's the case with almost all HID bulbs. What you pay for is quick local shipping, warranty, and the custom specced features that differentiate the XBs from the original Chinese bulbs. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Everything is made in China by a few different manufacturers to a buyer's spec and anyone that claims theirs are entirely unique from a special manufacturer is a liar and a fraud.

      TL;DR yes it's kinda true but also it doesn't discredit Morimoto.

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