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HID Bi-Xenon Retrofit or HID Bulb Upgrade Kit?

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  • HID Bi-Xenon Retrofit or HID Bulb Upgrade Kit?

    2014 Kia Rio5 SX
    Halogen Low Beam Only Projectors


    I have been reading and searching through Google for the last several months.

    Previous experience:
    (2012) I put a twin bi-xenon hid projectors (4300k) on my motorcycle from a suggestion from a friend, and absolutely fell in love with hid and driving at night.

    I am older now, eyes are not as good as they once were. The current car is using "Osram Snap Light 12V 55W" halogen bulbs in halogen projectors, and they are utterly crap. I can barely see 20 feet in front of the car (while driving) in total darkness. Driving around city streets at night is down right scary that i find myself hoping that i dont hit something. With winter darkness approaching I feel that I seriously need to address this issue.

    The halogen projectors have a horizontal beam cut-off, so hid bulbs shouldnt be blinding on coming traffic (me hopes)

    Option 1:
    H11: Morimoto Elite
    Changing the halogen bulbs for hid's using the link above.
    Cost: cad$250'ish
    Negative: only hid on low beam
    Positive: price

    Option 2:
    Hid bi-xenon Retrofit
    Cost: cad$700 (parts & installation)
    Negative: Price
    Positive: driving in the dark

    From those who have experience from with hid's in halogen projectors is it worth the financial savings, or in the end had you wished that you had done a proper retrofit?
    Is the retrofit worth the extra $$?

    Thank you for your time.

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    The quality of the beam with a PnP HID kit in halogen projector is massively affected by what projector it is. I've only seen one Koito (e.g. Lexus/Toyota) H11 being good with HID, rest are crap.

    Your aim it to see better, so there's only one good answer (with your existing headlights).


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      thank you for your reply.
      it takes someone else to point out the obvious answer.