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Engine cut-out when turning on the lights

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  • Engine cut-out when turning on the lights

    Hello, I have a Suzuki Swift 2007 1.3lt with F3 ballasts, Cnlight bulbs on Mini H1 projectors with bixenon wiring harness. I had the F3s for more than 5 years without any problems. Recently one F3 failed (never started again) and I replaced it with a new one. Days later I replaced the second one since i noticed that I started getting engine cut-outs (like the engine stops for 200 or 300 milliseconds while driving) the moment I turn on the lights. Problem solved for weeks but now it appeared again. It now appears once in a while, not every time I turn on the lights and only when the bulbs are completely cold. Could it be an overcurrent draw at startup or a EMI issue (one ballast is placed next to the ECU - I know, not a wise placement). My battery and alternator are in good condition.

    Any advice will be appreciated

    PS: will a warning canceler capacitor help with impulse current draw at startup if put just before the ballasts? I suppose its an electrolytic capacitor in parallel with the power supply?
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    Do you have relay harness? If you turn your lights on and your engine cuts out, you have an electrical/charging problem.


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      If you are running without a relay, I would recommend getting one.
      If you are running with a relay, check both of your battery terminals to make sure they are tight. Then check your big three to make sure all are secure.