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best h1 hid xenon or leds for my old car?

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  • best h1 hid xenon or leds for my old car?

    Hi guys i am new here so far i used 55w h1 hid/xenon in my car its 30 years old so no can bus etcs...
    i am not sure if leds are brighter and better but i am looking to increase my visibility , can u advice me are leds closer to hid or even better ? My car have reflector headlights and i dont know if i can even install leds..... without blinding people it have glass headlights,

    i am considering these options but other options will be welcomed

    for leds Supernova LEDs V.4 - H1
    for hid kits 55ws
    OPT7 AC 55w H1 HID with flicker free relay i am not sure if i need the relay but better be ready , if u know better hids let me know so far i used very cheaply made chinese hids of 55w and i am not happy their bulbs or ballasts die all the time..
    maximum few months..
    please advice me on better brand if u know again 55w at least thanks,

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    Welcome to HID Planet! What car is it? Really, running HID/LED in halogen housings isn't generally recommended. Running 55W HIDs in halogen housings is even worse, as it damages the headlights themselves. But there are obviously exceptions. So let's start with your model of car.

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      hi my car is honda accord 1993 h1 bulbs,
      i have been using hid bulbs at 55w for 10 years so far so good,


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        10 years aye? I'd like to see some good pictures of the reflectors.
        I assume the traffic around you love the glare.

        At least retrofit. I think someone around here retrofitted similar/same headlights.


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          Yeah you've just been blinding others. HIDs in halogen reflectors are a no go. I'd suggest quality LEDs but hell, nothing good comes in H1.

          2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder
          2017 Lexus CT200h F Sport


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            i have glass which is ribbed and its extremely hard to remove the ribbed things thats why is kinda impossible to fit, projector there.
            car is 30 years old.
            xenon hid lights and led were not existing back there.
            So whats your advice i use my hid only in night
            i have drl for the rest of the day .


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              The MH1 HID Projectors will be a good choice for your accord headlights. I used to have the 92 accord back in 2000 but didn't know anything about retrofit back then.

              Edit: Check this link out....nothing fancy but this is what you need a clean retrofit.

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                i dont want to cripple my car with yellowis plastic headlights , so why the hid 55w will damage my reflectors they are same 55w like my stock halogen bulbs ?
                and my headlights are made from glass ribbed glass,

                which one is better for my reflector headlight assembly led or hid ?
                both withour projector lens.


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                  Originally posted by bladest View Post
                  i dont want to cripple my car with yellowis plastic headlights , so why the hid 55w will damage my reflectors they are same 55w like my stock halogen bulbs ?
                  and my headlights are made from glass ribbed glass,
                  The 55W low beam halogen bulbs draw 55W and converts most of it into heat (IR) and some into visible light. 55W is the typical OE specification for low beam halogen bulbs, and the reflector optics material of a properly designed vehicle should be able to handle the IR exposure.

                  OE HID typically draws 35W from the power source, in which the ballast then provides most of it to generate an HID arc in the HID bulb. For this OE specification, this arc emits a little less IR, a lot more visible light, and quite a bit of UV radiation. A proper automotive HID bulb filters a good amount of the UV radiation. (Note: some non automotive HID bulbs filter less if the intent of the application is to also provide some UV radiation) Some aftermarket HID ballasts claim to be 55W. Some of those actually draw 55W, which means more visible light and more UV radiation.

                  Considering that even OE optics can sometimes get UV damage over time, the general idea is that pushing more power into an HID bulb increases this risk. In addition, some aftermarket automotive HID bulbs may not have the same UV filtering capability. This risk is especially problematic if the reflector optics is close to the light source, which is especially true for projector units. Either way, the area most likely to get damage is usually responsible for a good amount of the distance lighting (as it is usually closest to the bulb). Distance lighting is generally not noticeable in daily driving due to available street lighting, but in the middle of nowhere, a distant object may become less visible.

                  Getting back to your original question, what do you mean by increasing visibility?
                  (1) The ability of others to see you, i.e. conspicuity?
                  (2) The ability of you to see others?
                  (2a) Others within your peripheral vision limits and not far away?
                  (2b) Others in the same lane you're travelling and further ahead?
                  (2c) Others within the immediate surrounding?

                  A lot of good & bad lighting solution can easily achieve (1).

                  Having glass headlight lens housing with fresnel lens means the reflector optics that comes with it is the parabolic reflector type. This is specifically designed for the 55W halogen low beam bulbs, and may introduce more glare, increasing (1) without meaningfully improving any of the (2a) or (2b), and maybe a little bit of (2c).

                  Assuming your goal includes (2a) and/or (2b), there are two options:

                  The hard way, which some here have done, is to remove the glass housing lens, mount a proper biXenon or low-beam-only HID or biLED or low-beam-only LED projector, and polish the ribbed pattern around the projector to make it smooth.

                  The easier way, is to find a pair of aftermarket headlight housings with clear housing lens. I just did a quick check on ebay and found many types. Don't get ones that already have a projector in it. Many here, including myself, have bought/tested a variety of these. A lot of them are equipped with low beam projectors that might get you (2c) with an odd pattern, but not much more than that. I'm not specifically endorsing a particular item, but here's one example where you can see the clear lens of the headlight housing and reflector optics on the low and high beam spots: ake%3AHonda&epid=1054547625&hash=item1efd5ca760:g: dqcAAOSwLjhdGPQF

                  Then, get a decent low beam or biXenon projector. Since you already have an H1-based ballast & bulb, you can try something like the Mini H1 7.0. Installation should be easy on such a reflector optic-based housing. You won't get the most (2a) out of it, but it will be decent.
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