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Trying to figure out if my product is cheap, or if I made a mistake

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  • Trying to figure out if my product is cheap, or if I made a mistake

    Hello all,

    I've got a miniscule issue on my hands and I haven't got anyone who knows anything about electrical, so I've come to you all.
    I purchased a pair of Panamera v.1 switchback shrouds from Amazon. Looked very similar to DDM and TRS's product and I was in a pickle. $59.99 just like DDM and TRS.

    I've just finished my first retro-fit which is working perfectly except that these shrouds seem to flicker ever so slightly when illuminating in both amber and white. I didn't notice it during the daytime but that's probably because the sun was super bright today, and I was stoked to have them working after a month of initial installation. The set up is installed on a 1997 Toyota 4runner without DRL's. I've got 4 wires coming out of the box attached to the shrouds. Red is connected to my 10a tail light (corner lights too) fuse, using an "add-a-circuit" and then tapped that wire and ran it across the front of the car to the red wire on the other side. On both driver and passenger side I tapped the white wire to the low beam +ve's of the factory wiring harness . I've grounded both black wires to separate solid grounds. I've attached the yellow wires to either blinker.

    Battery was reading 12.27v during the day when I didn't notice the flicker but drained to 11.27v over the course of testing throughout the day.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. If there is anything I need to add, please let me know.

    Here is a slo-mo video I took of the flicker

    Am I damaging the LED's or is this normal?

    Thanks for reading!


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