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Help with Diodes for backfeed issue

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  • Help with Diodes for backfeed issue

    So I have a situation where I have two halos in my lower fog lights wired to a wireless relay that I can turn on the white or amber mode of the halo at will with a remote. I also tapped the amber wires from the halo into my turn signal circuits coming from the headlights. So obviously the problem is when I turn on the halos manually with my remote, it back feeds down into my turn signal connetion and lights up and holds solid all my turn signal bulbs around the car. And secondly, when i use my turn signal, because both ambers from each halos meet at the controller it back feeds up to that and basically 4 ways my turn signals. I know the answer is to put a diode in at each respectable spot. I just have no idea what kind of diode to get.

    I would imagine a 12v 3A or 5A diode would work, but theres handfuls of different rated ones and nXXXX named ones all over the place. Not really sure what im supposed to be getting

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    5A is plenty. I'm pretty sure <3A is flowing through to your circuits.


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      Originally posted by niZmO_Man View Post
      5A is plenty. I'm pretty sure <3A is flowing through to your circuits.
      I do agree with you, the halos i think only pull 450mA. I guess im trying to understand more of the ratings on the diodes. On a 12v 3A diode, is it saying its good for up to BLOCKING 3Amp in reverse direction? Or its good to allow up to 3Amps to flow through in the forward direction?

      Here are a couple on amazon with different ratings, can you help me understand which one would be the correct one to use and why? BEside sthe different voltage ratings, theres then all these different types i see like rectifier, fast recovery, Schottky, etc.

      (Pack of 20 Pieces) Chanzon 1N5822 Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diodes 3A 40V DO-201AD (DO-27) Axial 5822 IN5822 3 Amp 40 Volt

      Install Bay Diodes 3 Amp 20 Pack- D3

      NTE Electronics 1N5400 Silicon Standard Recovery Rectifier Diode, 3 Amp, DO-201AD, 50V (Pack of 15)

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        I'm no electrical engineer, I think the ones I got were 1000V rated haha