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Alfa Romeo - H7 halogen projector to bixenon conversion

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  • Alfa Romeo - H7 halogen projector to bixenon conversion

    Hi guys, I know most of you are in the US and the Dodge Dart might share most of its mechanicals with a Giulietta I seriously doubt the headlights are the same

    The H7 halogen projector is I understand replaced with a Bosch Al style bi xenon, so I bough a pair of these

    Which i returned due to patchy reflector coatings and deformed shield mechanisms... (ill post photos if i can work out how to do that...)

    Can someone please recommend a not expensive source for an E46/ Bosch Al style bi xenon projector? From what I can tell they all look to be the same, even the ones from TRS, so how to know if you'll get a good one or not...

    I would prefer an OEM unit, but all the used ones online seem to be from the US which is no good to me (we are right hand drive in Australia).

    Thanks in advance

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    Looks like either you gamble from aliexpress, hoping you get a good unit, or find an OE pair from a salvage yard. The challenge with the latter, as you may know, is that it may be difficult to find a pair that doesn't have browning on the reflector bowl.

    What about sourcing from UK-based online stores / auction sites?

    The old Mini D2S 2.0 has very similar mounting flange, but I wouldn't consider that as an upgrade.
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      Can you fit other projectors in there with a bracket or other mods? I got some Mini D2S 4.0 if you want them.


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        Originally posted by niZmO_Man View Post
        Can you fit other projectors in there with a bracket or other mods? I got some Mini D2S 4.0 if you want them.
        Dunno... Iíve not played with these things before.

        Luckily the Alfa lights donít need the lense removed so itís an easy swap (although itís still a pain getting the light assembly out because the whole bumper assembly has to come off first - donít want to be doing this often!).

        I rolled the dice on another AliExpress pair - same issue with dull/patchy reflector coating... At least the shield works on these.

        The units on the retrofit stores all look the same as the AliExpress ones too, just different labels...

        sigh. I think I might just try these and next time Iím back in Melbourne Iíll have a trawl of the self serve wrecking yards for some OE units out of something German

        Tempting, but suspect youíre in the US - Iím an Aussie and need RHD But with the right adapter theyíre a bolt in replacement for a Bosch AL? Where does one get the adapter?
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          Nah mate I'm in Sydney


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            Ali express has adapters for all kind of swaps. Maybe you can fit a G5 in there.
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