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Need help with 2014 F250 projector/hid setup on recently purchased truck

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  • Need help with 2014 F250 projector/hid setup on recently purchased truck

    Hello all,
    I'm new to the message forum and need some help on a truck we just purchased. The truck is a 2014 F250 diesel and it came with a custom set of headlights that have quad projectors. The issue I'm having is that bottom (high/low beam) don't work at all. The top section which is typically the turn signal/running light has an LED switchback that works fine. It also has halos and an led strip in the lights that aren't hooked up either. Lastly, the previous owner installed an led side marker light that flickers constantly. I'm wanting to get the lights working 100% but am first concerned with the high/low beam. This stuff is all new to me and I'm hoping I can get some insight on where to look and/or purchase to make it work properly.

    I took the lights out and the hid kit installed consist of a bulb marked 6000kh1 VGCP. Obviously this is a 6000k h1 bulb but no clue on the manufacturer. It has an ACME speedy start ballast but neither seem to be in the best shape. I'm not sure how water tight these are but both have some corrosion on the outside. it also has a morimoto wire harness. I don't see any other relays so I'm guessing it just in that morimoto box. The morimoto box does say on the back to be mounted vertically with the "bottom" down and that isn't done. it isn't mounted firmly and would be upside down based on the indication on the box. Not sure that matters but I'm a noob lol. Where should I start to try to understand what is causing these not to work? Also will this bulb/setup function as a true low/ high beam function?

    I'm not sure what the resistor is for on the back of the headlights but it isn't connected and marked 50w 6RJ.

    The halos I'm thinking just need wired properly to work but I would be interested to get the correct connectors instead of just cutting them and patching them in.

    The flickering LED side marker light is annoying. Does this need resistor or should I just buy new led bulbs?

    I took quite a few pictures of everything but can't figure out how to upload them to the post!

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    Upload them to imgur then put the [img] links in here


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      It sounds like the relay harness isnít hooked up correctly.
      I would also check fuses 16, 17 and 39. The first two are for your low beam headlamps and the third is your high beam.