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7" Sealed Beam retrofit for 1978 datsun 280z

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  • 7" Sealed Beam retrofit for 1978 datsun 280z

    So I recently acquired a 78 datsun 280z which uses 7" Seal beam headlights. I never messed with sealed beam housings before. I know there are tons of aftermarket LED 7" sealed beams that utilize the multiple LED optics that get pretty cheap at $40 and up to $600(JW Speaker). Im not really a fan of any of them and id rather retrofit a halogen model so I can either go single HID projector or single LED projector with my own shroud\customizations.

    So I have a few questions.

    1. Do 7" housings separate like normal housings? Oven\heat gun method?
    2. Can I purchase any 7" sealed beam? Are they universal when it comes to exact design\size\fitment?
    3. Any suggestions on ones to purchase for my project\car?
    4. Would these 3 below seem like good donors to use for the project? Any idea idea what size projectors HId or LED would likely be best fit for them?

    Picture of stock headlight below

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    If I was in your position, it would be hard not to consider these:
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      Originally posted by njaremka View Post
      If I was in your position, it would be hard not to consider these:
      I source 99% of my parts from Morimoto like the next guy but in personally not into the what I call Spider eye look of sealed beams. Ill leave them to the jeeps. Im looking to go more the single projector route like below. Also, not sure if these morimotos you mentioned are just rebranded and marked up or if they actually had their manufacturer redo some emitter internals But there are handfuls of the same exact design all over for less then half those prices. I actually have a 5 3/4 one just like that 100% on my harley that I got for like $65.

      Anyhoo, i guess ill pull the trigger on a few of these cheap ones i mentioned in my original post and see what i can or cant do with them since theyre so cheap.


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        Personally I would likely stay away from any HID retrofit. The performance is much better with projectors but they just don't look right in many classics. I would purchase the 7" cibie from this supplier. He is a (legal) lighting expert and the cibie will look absolutely correct on the old Z and they are cheaper than the LED option. It all depends on what you are using the car for. If it is a daily driver and gets constant night driving projectors may be superior. If it is a toy that sees occasional night driving the Cibie should be perfectly acceptable. Be aware that he is in Canada so shipping may be higher depending on your locale.


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          A projector retro would look fine so long as it's subtle and not chrome with RGB and DRL. Also how much space do you have to work with. My Barracuda has just enough space for the plug on the back of a stock halogen. I agree with a 7" Cibie or even Hella E-Code. With some decent bulbs and a relay harness you will have good results and a nice cuttoff.