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9012 morimoto xb bulb problem.

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  • 9012 morimoto xb bulb problem.

    I have a 2014 buick regal that I'm attempting to install some morimoto xb bulbs into. The issue seems to be with the 9006 pass through that connects from the oem bulb connector to the anti flicker capacitor. I've checked continuity on the pass through and its reading correctly, but if I connect it to the bulb socket it doesn't send power to the other side. If I connect the oem connector directly to the anti flicker capacitor it lights perfectly.

    I don't have a multi meter to read resistance so im wondering if there is a diode soldered inline with the 9006 connector.

    Any help would appreciated before I call tomorrow. Thank you!

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    I'm putting this here in case it can help anyone with a buick regal. I figured out that the oem bulb connector doesn't make connection with the pass through wire on the morimoto xb bulb.

    my solution was to de-pin the female connector on the bulb and just use the wires as spade connectors. Once I did that,everything fired right up. Just make sure you secure the bare wires/pins somehow.