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Help needed in installation process of Morimoto Elite HID H11

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  • Help needed in installation process of Morimoto Elite HID H11

    Hello, I am fairly new to HID's as well as this website. I am currently trying to install a Morimoto Elite H11 HID kit for my 2016 Toyota Highlander. I purchased two 35 watt ballasts 2 H11A bulbs (4500k) along with a single relay harness. I have seen some videos and read forums online that say you can install your bulbs without using a relay harness. If there is anyway that could be accomplished, your information will be well appreciated. Thanks!

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    Isn't H11B a better option for halogen projectors?
    As for the installation it's plug & play...
    You have to use relay for safety reasons.
    I do not since i cannot purchase a dual relay harness and i cant trust one fuse...


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      When I bought the kit, it defaulted for my vehicle as H11A bulbs. Now that i've read some more online, I think you are correct in that H11B is a better option. I will get a return or refund or even exchange. If you have any ideas of what types of HID's I should purchase for my vehicle, that would be greatly appreciated!


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        Considering your headlight takes H11, and H stands for halogen, I'd say retrofit