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Re-silvering reflectors

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  • Re-silvering reflectors

    Does anyone know where I can send my reflectors to be re-silvered in the US? They are 18 years old and have dark burn spots.
    I believe my reflectors are aluminum.
    There are places that will do it in Europe but I don't want the hassle of mailing to Europe.
    I can buy two entire new projectors from China for $188 so if re-silvering costs more than $188 I'll just buy new projectors.

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    Reflectors to what lamp?


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      2001 Audi TT main headlight D2S projectors.

      I can buy the entire projector here but I only need the reflectors.


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        I bought bowls off TRS for $10 for my black series Koito. Don't think you'll be able to find bowls for E46 unless someone on alibaba has some.
        Maybe just buy the E46 projectors and throw them in.


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          I lucked out (hours of internet searching) and found someone local that will do it. He says if they are aluminum reflectors then they need to be nickel plated first, then re-silvered. I am dropping them off tomorrow. Will report back after they are finished.