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  • THEONE45
    I used to own a MK5. The headlight connectors carry all the wires for DRL, TURN SIGNAL, HI &LO BEAM AND CITY/PARKING LIGHTS.
    Why dont you get replica headlights that are equipped with HID?

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  • MK6Dylan
    started a topic Xenon to Halogen

    Xenon to Halogen

    Hey everyone. I have a pretty specific question that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere online. I own a Volkswagen MK6 GTI, that came from the factory with xenon headlights. However, both headlights are damaged, and I need new ones. Problem is, the factory xenon replacements cost roughly $1,600 and there's no way I'm paying that. Unfortunately, all aftermarket headlights made for the MK6 GTI are made specifically for cars that came from the factory with halogen headlights. The main issue that makes the aftermarkets incompatible with the OEM xenons is the connection plugs (as far as I know). I figured I should come to this forum to see if anyone has any tips on jerry-rigging a headlight designed for halogen cars, to one that is xenon. Thanks in advance!