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Saving rock chipped fog lenses.

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  • Saving rock chipped fog lenses.

    Hey gang!! I'm working on a set of Ford Fusion fog projectors and the last step before I'm done with the mods and reassembly is to work on the lenses. They still have the factory silicone on them that I need to clean up and give them a whipe down.

    They are really pitted by rock chips (I got them used for $10 for the pair) and was wondering if anyone has used anything to kind of fill them in to resurface lenses before. I know there is windshield fillers out there but was just wanting to see what you guys have done or thought of doing. It doesn't really bother me that much but with the amount of time that I put into the mods of the fusion projectors, I'd like them to look their best for when I install them.

    Another option is to get new lenses. Does anyone know of other lenses that would fit them by chance? Push come to shove I can buy some aftermarket replacement projectors just to rob the lenses lol.

    Here is what I'm working with.
    They are not that bad off but like I said, would like them to look a little better. What are your thoughts?

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    Probably sand down and spray with a durable clear. Then protect with clear vinyl.


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      Originally posted by evo77 View Post
      Probably sand down and spray with a durable clear. Then protect with clear vinyl.
      You know, I didn't even think of spraying with a clear coat. I'll give it a shot. They can't look any worse than the do as they sit lol. Thanks!!

      I'll get some before and after shots on how it turned out so others can see the results. Who knows it might help them freshen up theirs if it works.


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        So, I'm happy to report that this kind of worked. They look so much better than what they were. I need to finish up the 2nd one but I can live with the results.

        Cleaned, no clear coat

        Cleaned and cleared.

        It's not 100% fixed but IMHO it made it look better. Enough for me to want to send it.

        Cleaned, no clear coat.

        And finally cleaned and coated.

        In person, the lens with the clear is noticeably cleaner looking with less specks in it. To get everything on my Mazda, this is good enough for me especially for fog lights that are just going to get even more abuse very soon lol.

        Thanks once again for the idea!!


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          Mine looked similar or worse then the ones on the right (might be some pics in my build/showoff thread. The pitting didn't seem to have as much of an impact as I thought. The cut off is likely a but more blurry as I'm guessing it's pretty sharp when the lens is clear. But this is also with HIDs in them. And the cut off is still well defined. Not sure if the pitting has impact on overall output.

          I'm happy with my pitted ones. Though if you're try to do thins for looks then I get it as it doesn't look great bu you can't really seem them easily in my case.

          But I'll probably clean up my pitting if you find a good way.


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            So my post from yesterday got flagged while I was editing it so it never made it to the thread smfh.

            Anyway, the clear coat helped a lot. While I didn't spend a lot of time sanding, they still turned out great compared to where there were IMHO. I'm sure if someone used a lower starting grit and spent more time, they could get better results. I only used 2000 grit and wet sanded with soapy water. This "cleaned" the lenses up a bit. Here are some comparison shots.

            Cleaned, not sanded, not clear coated

            Cleaned, sanded, coated.

            While not 100%, It looks better for what I was going for.

            Not sanded, no clear.

            Sanded, cleared.

            As I said, not 100% but the sanded and cleared ones do look a little better than what they started out. If one wanted to spend more time on them, they might be able to get them better.