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Noob testing using battery: Halos not lighting. Only parking LEDS.

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  • Noob testing using battery: Halos not lighting. Only parking LEDS.

    Have Spyder halo with parking led headlights. No CCFL conversion. Following instructions perfectly. Went to test against battery (WK Jeep 06) as instructed. First time I touched negative and positive to battery the halos light up but not parking leds. Second test only the parking leds came on. I've tested a dozen more times and only one other time did the halos light up. I have no explanation. Now only the parking leds come on. The parking LEDs come on every time. Both headlights are doing this. The instructions aren't the best it just says to verify that both the parking LEDs and the Halos come on. Well, I've witnessed them all come on but not at the same time.

    I thought the crimp job might be bad. So I re-did one using a different section of wire. Same result though. Should I be expecting the halos and parking led's to all come on at once? Should I just wire them up and see how it goes? I'm done for tonight will try again tomorrow any help is appreciated.

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    are they wired backwards?
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      Don't think so. Looks just like instruction. White to reds. Blacks to blacks. So I just decided to cut the wires clean and try again tomorrow.


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        Alright got it. I think the first time I connected things it was just weak. When I re-did it I used wrong gauge quick connects. Now I got it all straight and they all light up. Had a long day yesterday should have probably waited until this morning to try install.