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BMW OEM projectors yellowish pattern below hotspot

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  • BMW OEM projectors yellowish pattern below hotspot

    Hi HID Planet,

    My 2006 BMW E90 330i with the stock Xenon headlights (ballast, projectors, etc.) are exhibiting yellowish hue below the hotspot. Also, the cutoff is not super clean and I can see some fringing unlike some projectors (e.g. Morimoto) which have a super clean/sharp cutoff with purple fringing. Is this due to my lens being "frosted" (i.e. not clear)? It seems even when switching from the stock 4300K Osram HIDs to the much cooler 5500K Osram CBIs, I am still getting some "yellow" below the hotspot...not sure I want to go higher in Kelvin due to lower brightness. Any thoughts?


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    Welcome to HID Planet!

    Yes you either have a frosted or dimpled lens, not clear. Those sharp cutoffs are pretty much relegated to aftermarket or modified projectors. factory ones always have that blurry messy cutoff. It's much easier on the eyes, though not as sexy.

    Can you post a photo of the color you're seeing? Keep in mind that beam pattern has to develop, so 15 feet away from the wall or more is ideal. CBIs are a solid choice!

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      Move your car 3-car-lengths back away from the wall and take a picture


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        Hi, Halo. Thanks for welcome!

        Yeah, that's the consensus that I've seemed to come to as well from my research. I may have to consider a lens swap. Not sure if it's worth hacking up the headlights, though. Regarding the yellow hue, I will try and get a picture tonight.