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  • Ford Van Sealed Beams

    I am looking for a headlight to add Mini H1 projectors to replace my 6054 Rectangular sealed beam. Plastic? Not sure if I can use glass lens.

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    A plastic lens would be ideal, you want something completely clear.

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      The cheapest and best option would be the Pilot H4 conversion headlights $36 pair for plastic housing and lenses. Thinner than most but at the price it's worth it.


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        Thanks, any recommendations for a 7" round for projector retrofit? Most don't look deep enough.


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          Pilot also makes the 7" round version for the same price. Most 7" round and 7X6 are too shallow for projectors and need modifying to the back in order to fit. The plumbing section at your local home improvement store can help with that.


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            I have the same sort of Quest going. I see that all the usual suspects for projectors are about the same depth from tip of lens to base of reflector bowl. Around 115 mm that is. The Mini H1 will sink further into an H4 hole than a D2S of course...but none of the reflector buckets are deep enough to accommodate a projector with the H4 bulb seat intact. Going to be some cutting. And it needs to be adjustable so I can get things lined up with the cut-off on the horizon, and the vertical close enough for the adjusters to allow aiming. The short nose of a 4TL-R is attractive.


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              plastic lens is a great choice.