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BMW OEM HID Query - Flicker only when engine running?

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  • BMW OEM HID Query - Flicker only when engine running?

    Hi all,

    Great forum here! Iíve had a read of many threads and done lots of searching, but have an odd issue I canít find info on I was hoping you could help with.

    I have a 2008 BMW 130i, and the OEM Xenons are causing me some pain.

    The bulbs were dim and past their best, so I fitted Osram Cool Blue Intense Xenarcs (D1S fitment).

    After the engine has been running around 10 seconds, both bulbs flicker. The flickering is erratic but continuous, and neither light never dies. Whatís interesting is this only occurs when the engine is running - when using them on ignition they are perfectly stable.

    Iíve tried two sets of brand new, confirmed genuine Osram pairs and both had the same issue.

    The original Philips D1S units have been refitted since and whilst they arenít bright, they do not flicker at all.

    Iíve just fitted a high end Varta AGM car battery, and that hasnít made any difference. Surely if it was the ballasts at fault, they wouldnít produce a stable output on ignition only?

    The ballasts are Valeo units, if thatís of any use.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide guys

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    Are you sure they're D1S, not D3S or something?

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