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    So, I unfortunately purchased the ANZO switchback headlights because I got a great deal on them and thought "yay! projectors for $400 shipped!", also I genuinely like how they look. However, bench testing them produced the WORST light output I've ever seen with a really fuzy cut-off using halogens and cheap LED's. I have a couple H7 LED kits on order from China to try, but thinking about cancelling because realistically I don't think a 12 piece ZES lamp is going to give me the light I'm looking for, max calculated (by me) lumens is 3360 on the bulbs I ordered assuming they use legit ZES chips in the 70CRI 5k bin out.

    Option 1: I'm still under the return period though on the ANZO's and I've only bench tested these lights, so I can still return them but I'll have to eat the shipping cost, which is about $67. Then I would retro fit a new set of OEM halogen assemblies with the Morimoto D2S 5.0 in the lows and the ACME super in the high (thinking quad low/high beams on a budget), or maybe just leave high's as halogen.

    Option 2: Or I was thinking about trying to mod the ANZO's to fit the Morimoto D2S 5.0 in the lows and leave the high beam with those China LED bulbs, assuming they work well; but, has anyone ever modified these particular headlamp assemblies before or know what size projectors will fit? I've emailed ANZO 4 times in the past 2 weeks requesting information like product drawings of the projectors or at least mounting dimensions and have still not heard anything back from them.

    Either way I'm wanting to have a set of lights in the truck while I'm modding the others and also to have backup pair for just encase anything happens to go wrong. So I could technically choose either factory or ANZO's to mod, but would like to mod the ANZO's because I like the way they look and I like the switchback function. I'm just really on fence about it since I can't find any meaningful information on these headlamps and I've been searching the web like crazy for a couple weeks now. I also don't want to mod them if it kills the looks of them, the shrouds are part of the molding, but if it can be done, the Apollo 2.0 blacks would look nice in there.

    If it matters, I'd be purchasing the TRS kit with Denso ballast and CBI bulbs assuming the D2S 5.0 fits.

    If any of this is confusing or you need clarification please let me know, it's been a long day lol.

    Link to the ANZO's

    Link to the LED's on order
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    Yeah if your optics are shit, shitty LEDs aren't going to help. If you love how they look, replace the projector with something like the Mini D2S 5.0. Unfortunately I don't know what projectors will fit. Worth asking on a Facebook group called Headlight Junkies, lots of people there know stuff like this.

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      Thanks, I found some info on there. It looks like LightWerkz has done a set but doesn't list any specifications. I'll give them a shout to see what they did and post pack.