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Morimoto Elite HIDs / Don't work with Auto Light controls!

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  • Morimoto Elite HIDs / Don't work with Auto Light controls!

    HIDs won't function with Auto light controls enabled (DRLs During the day)

    I just installed Morimoto XB35 complete Elite HID headlight kit in my 2014 Silverado that came with the stock Halogen projector lamps.

    The kit comes with:

    2-XB35 ballasts

    2- H11B HID Bulbs 5500K

    2-Morimoto igniters

    1- HD relay H11 harness

    1- anti-flicker capacitor link

    Pretty straight forward simple install.

    I am powerering the harness directly at the battery.

    I am triggering the headlights at the passenger side stock headlight harness plug.

    I also installed the Capacitor (anti-flicker) on the Passenger side.

    I finished last night in the dark and seeming everything worked and functioned fine, until........

    This morning in the daylight when I started my truck and put the gear selector in Drive I noticed a VERY loud buzzing sound coming from the RELAYS. (the DRLs were trying to activate) the stock Halogen low beam bulb is ALSO the DRL.

    So I am not sure why the HID bulbs don't function as DRLs?

    I get the very annoying buzz from the relays and the lights won't ignite in DRL mode.

    If I manually switch on the lights they fire up fine, but as soon as switch the "Automatic Light Control ON" at the headlight switch the DRL function doesn't work and the Relays BUZZ!

    Anyone Know of a FIX for this issue?

    I really like the daytime running lights but it seems as though HID bulbs can't function as DRLs?

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    Welcome to HID Planet! DRLs are usually powered with PWM, which can't power a relay properly as it's quick pulses of power. If you used the right amount of capacitors, then yes they'll function as DRL but full power. At that point you're better off disabling DRLs, or getting the right stuff to make it work. Modern cars, especially American cars, are very finicky with HIDs.

    2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder
    2017 Lexus CT200h F Sport


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      Its fixed! Had to reverse the polarity on the Capacitor link.


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        Great to hear!

        2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder
        2017 Lexus CT200h F Sport