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G5-EXL and D2S Bulbs

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  • G5-EXL and D2S Bulbs

    I know this may be silly but how do you use D2S bulbs on a NHK G5-EXL (3.2") projector ?

    I split the black retainer ring and slid the bulb in then locked it on the projector, BUT, do you clock the bulb manually? this seems absurd, design wise.

    The lock ring already snapped one of its legs, is there a place I can get a more robust or replacement ones ?

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    As far as I know, that's an OEM mounting method that a lot of stock projectors use. Yes you rotate the bulb into the projector. Again, AFAIK.

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        it's really not rocket science lol , install the bulb into the bulb mount/holder then twist it into the projector , both my G5-exl and G5-r have the same system , imo it's a great system