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Extra light projection above cutoff on Akkon aftermarket headlights for Infiniti G37

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  • Extra light projection above cutoff on Akkon aftermarket headlights for Infiniti G37

    After waiting for G37 sedan aftermarket headlights to show up on the market for a while, I bought and installed some Akkon brand headlights on my car recently. They look good for the most part, despite the advertised DRLs not working (I'm thinking this was due to them trying to pass off the parking lights as DRLs, as the DRL image they have looks exactly like the parking light), but there is something wrong with the projection pattern from the low beam. Both lights project a rectangle far above the standard projector cutoff. It's pretty much just as bright as the actual projection, but is far higher than any light should be. It constantly stays right above the cutoff with adjustment, so it's pointing way too high, and has to be causing pretty terrible glare. The top of this rectangle about hits as high as the traffic lights across an intersection. The picture shows it from the passenger side light, and the other side is exactly the same.

    The lights use two square lenses for the same low beam bulb, and a separate H7 lens for the high beam. The stock lights used the same D2S bulb for both the low and high beam. I just transferred over the same D2S that worked fine in the stock lights because these also called for D2S. Could this be some mixup where these actually need D2R, and because of the lack of the shield on the bulb itself I'm getting that extra light projection? Are they actually designed this way, to light up street signs and other things higher up than the road itself? I can't imagine that's the case, because it's far too bright to be up that high, but somehow both lights are doing exactly the same thing.

    Customer service has been totally unhelpful with this, like they don't understand what I'm talking about, or they have no understanding of the technical function of the lights. After they offered replacement for this problem and the lack of DRLs, I asked if these were defective in a way that would produce this problem and if a replacement would fix it, and they said, "It could very well alleviate the issue." That did not inspire confidence.

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    Welcome to HID Planet!

    Unfortunately, as you've learned, most aftermarket headlights suck. Like, really suck. The stock projectors on the G37 sedan are fantastic, so you really should stick with those. If you want better looks, you can do a blackout and Diode Dynamics halos. Lightwerkz has done some G37s (really nice too) so you can always hit them up.

    Honestly that square of light looks like an intentional design choice, but a very poor one. Looks almost like a squirrel spotter? Wayy too bright to be safe.

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      It is a bit hard to see, as the image seem to be taken with the projector relatively close to the cardboard wall; the beam pattern on the road needs to be seen on a wall that is quite a bit farther than that for a better assessment.

      Having said that, it seems odd that the squirrel finder also features an elbow (aka "step"); I thought if the image is cast by an RV shield, it wouldn't have the elbow feature.

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        Okay, squirrel finder, it's good to have a name for it. Sorry I don't have a better picture for it, I'll see if I can get one on a wall from farther away. The thing is damn bright, I can see that squirrel finder's sharp shape on walls, poles, and street signs ahead of me. For what it's worth, I haven't been flashed by anyone in oncoming traffic yet, but I still think it must be causing some pretty bad glare for them. Is there a way to get rid of these things without taking the whole headlight apart? I did fine with the projection from the stock lights, that just had the regular cutoff down low. Maybe I'd like to have those if they were dimmer, but either way I don't want them this bright.

        Thanks for the help, I'm new to all of this, it's good to talk to people with experience with this stuff.


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          That sign light box (aka squirrel finder) looks fine to me.

          If you notice the RIGHT side which starts at the cutoff elbow is brighter than the LEFT side which is good. Because the right side will illuminate signs on the right shoulder. While the left side is less bright, to keep glare from drivers but just bright enough to light up retroreflective signs on the left side.