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    I have a 14 santa sa with OEM d3s hids. They are the worst output I have ever seen .I tried different bulns, no avail. So what options do I have, I don't want to buy new bulbs again if I do a projector swap. Is there such thing as a d3s projector that will fit? I don't mind doing a retrofit aslong as I can keep my d3s bulbs I'm so disappointed...I had jewel eyes on my Acura and I miss them

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    Bowls are probably farked. Replace projectors. Not sure which projectors can take D1/D3
    Here's some light reading:


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      There's a variant of the Q5 projectors that take D1S/D3S. Unsure if it will fit your headlights though. TRS has them in closeout, forgot what they called call them. Essentially these are a variant of the D2S 3.0.