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New DEPO HID housings. Use OE ballast etc... Or go aftermarket? And question about D2S bulbs....

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  • New DEPO HID housings. Use OE ballast etc... Or go aftermarket? And question about D2S bulbs....


    I bought a set of DEPO 330-1124R-USH (left is still on the way). They are modeled after the 2002-2004 ford focus svt/euro/mach HID option. Or there bouts (info is tricky 15years later).

    From what I can tell they have a hella e55 based hi/lo projector.

    They are designed to use the OE Hella 5DV00829000 ballast, which mounts outside the housing. And a hella 5DD00831910, ignitor/bulb mount? Inside the housing.


    Should I spend the ~$170 now and swap out the projectors? I'm not looking for the best of the best in HID. Just on par with 5yo oem setups

    Should I go with the OEM style ballast? Or go aftermarket? I have some OLD ddm 35w ballasts that fit inside the housing. Plenty of space. I don't want to put wholes in the housing. And want to use new quality parts. I am worried about knockoffs /used garbo when looking at OE hella ballasts.

    Is the 5DD00831910 an ignitor or just a bulb holder? If I go OEM ballast can I use any old bulb holder?

    I haven't played with HID's for ~13years, so I'm a tad rusty.

    Thank you for any help!




    p.s. I know the lighting will end up worth more than the car, but that's OK, this is a project of love

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    if it was me I would be upgrading the projectors before I installed them, don't even bother with
    ddm ballasts , OEM all the way or if aftermarket go with hylux


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      Welcome to HID Planet!

      I'd swap the projectors. DEPO isn't known for using decent projectors. And if you have mounts for Hella ballasts it would be awesome to get some. But you can always go with quality aftermarket like Hylux.

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        I would try to unmount the projectors and take them out. Take a look and post some pictures. It seems like it can be done without opening the housings. But I would also go with some better projectors. G5-R might fit easily. For the ballasts I would try to buy used OEM on Ebay. The ballasts were probably used in several headlights so it shouldnt be complicated to get the Hella ballasts at a decent price.

        It also seems like the backcovers didnt come with the headlights. Can you use the covers from your stock housings?
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          Thanks everyone for the input. I will be taking the advice!

          The new covers did come in the box, but they hide the good stuff And it does look like the stock projectors should slip right out.

          I'm planning on picking up a pair of EVOXR 2.0's as they seems to be pretty dang sweet, and kinda drop in. (not as easy as the 1.0, oh well)
          As well as some 85122XV2C1 bulbs

          The stock Hella option is pretty slick, its funny, the ballasts are cheaper than the ignitors. $45 for two ballasts from the 08-09 area, and $55 for two ignitors... But are on the way!

          Reading the ballast shootout thread really didn't help much either. Watching those OEM Denso/hella ballast get up to temp in 3-5seconds makes me want to use those for the h7 high beam...

          Thanks all for the advice!


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            Good choices!

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              Man things have gone sideways on this project!

              I haven't been able to find a drivers side light! I've had 3 or 4 cancellations/refunds. Finally I called a local chain of collision repair shops. They could not find a single new part.... finally found a high quality pull from pick a part.... so its on the way....

              the ebay seller only sent one ignitor...

              The evox-R 2.0's i got from is an off brand/fakes :/ double checking the post it does not state morimoto, like most their other projectors... Thats what i get for not looking closely enough... so gonna send these back i think....

              I'm still waiting for the bulbs to show up, but I don't see how the OEM hella d2s ignitor is going to fit with the evox-r 2.0. At best it will be fully supported by the bulb, and the bulb by the housing. Not sure i like hanging that much weight off a $75 bulb....

              Unlike the stock e55 setup which has the ignitor attached securly to the projector and the bulb....

              some advice would be great!


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                To be clear, the EvoX-R 2.0 came out BEFORE Morimoto rebranded them as their own. I think HIDProjectors sold them first?

                Most projectors don't contact the igniter in any way I believe. It's meant to hang off the bulb. Just don't put tension on the cable, AKA hang the ballast off.

                I'm sorry to hear about all the troubles.

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                2017 Lexus CT200h F Sport


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                  Oh! Very interesting! Thank you for your input, it has been extremely helpful.

                  Very strange on the evoxr stuff. I might order both sets to see the output difference. The morimotos, from the pics have a steped bowl, reflective plate in front of cutoff, and lens riveted on, These do not. But maybe that will give me a beam pattern i like more!

                  Relieved to hear the bulbs handle hanging Ignitors without an issue. I was ordering some amazon stuff, so grabbed a POS pair of cheap bulbs to play with fitment etc... while i wait for my Phillips. Wouldn't want to bust one faffing about with um.

                  I started work on the headlight I have. Needed to take the aiming device apart a bit because it was preventing the projector from coming off the studs. But wont have to pull the fronts!

                  edit: comparing the DEPO i just pulled and HIDplanet. Night and day in quality! I'll get pics up a bit later

                  Thanks again!

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                    Yeah it was odd when it came out. Now I remember, a european company sold them first. Then US companies started to. Then Morimoto took it in. There are likely a few variations out there, all with similar but perhaps not identical beam patterns.

                    Good luck!

                    2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder
                    2017 Lexus CT200h F Sport