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Morimoto D2S 4.0 projector question.

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  • Morimoto D2S 4.0 projector question.

    Hello all, im new to posting but have been an avid reader for many months. I did a retrofit on my WRX and Iíve noticed a have an unusual dark spot in my drivers side light output.

    I suspect itís from my hotspot not being in the right place but Iím not so sure how to fix it. Iím using osram cbi bulbs and the new morimoto locking ring so I assumed they would be seated properly. I know my drivers side is slightly out rotationally but that doesnít bother me as much.

    to me it looks like driver side hotspot is low and to the left and the passenger side is near perfect. Would that be accurate?
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    Try comparing photos with one headlight covered in each for an easier comparison.


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      Ok Iíll try that tonight. Thanks.


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        To be more specific, with the camera position set, take a picture of driver side low beam and then driver side high beam (with the passenger side covered), and then the same for the passenger side.

        Why? Because this gives us an idea on whether the hotspots for both sides are in the right place.

        But even when the hotspots are in the right place, the light distribution will make it such that unless viewed from a very far distance (e.g. more than 5 cars away), the space between the left and right elbows will appear darker, like so (~15ft away):
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