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Question on light "bowing" upward - Morimoto H1 Mini 7.0s

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  • Question on light "bowing" upward - Morimoto H1 Mini 7.0s

    Hey guys,
    Long time lurker but first time poster. I am currently doing a retrofit and I don't understand why the right side of the cut off is bowing upward. If you look out the driver window, the left side on both beams are straight as an arrow. The right side of the beams bow upward. I don't understand as I thought it was supposed to be a straight on both sides. This is my first retrofit in 10 years that I've done (last one I did was in college over 10 years ago) so I don't know what I did wrong? Is this normal? The following is what I've used:

    2001 Mustang GT
    Eagle Eye Headlights
    Morimoto H1 Mini 7.0 Projectors
    Morimoto XB H1 Bulbs
    Morimoto XB 2.0 Ballasts
    Moto Control wiring harness
    Motoho1ders to hold the bulbs in

    I tried to get all top notch stuff to make this retro as smooth as possible. Both horizontal and vertical adjustments are spot on (pulled close to a wall and marked the spots. Pulled back 25 ft and adjusted accordingly.) Let me know. Thanks!

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    Welcome to HID Planet! Sounds like a bulb seating issue. Try reseating the bulb.

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