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2015 F150 Anzo Dead Spot Problem

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  • 2015 F150 Anzo Dead Spot Problem

    Hello Everyone! Joined the forum because of an issue I am having with the aftermarket Anzo switchback headlights I installed on my 2015 F150, and people on the actual truck forums aren't generally obsessed with headlights enough to know/answer! The setup is the aforementioned Anzo lights (stock halogen) with a Hylux 45w HID and Morimoto 6500k XB's from TRS.

    My issue is this: I have a seemingly obvious "dead spot" in my drivers side headlight, with an equally obvious hot spot that shoots out of the truck at about a 45 degree angle off to the right of the truck, and into the sidewalk/trees. The dead spot is essentially directly in front of the truck about 25-35 feet out, you know, exactly where you want the concentration of light... haha. While this is still better than the awful stock halogens, it is certainly not as nice looking as the field of vision I had with my former Infiniti FX45 with Osram CBI's! The passenger side seems to be fine, and has a normal pattern and cutoff as far as I can tell.

    I am fully aware that I am putting pretty high end HID's into a stock halogen projector housing, which I am fully aware will not be as ideal for output than a retrofit HID projector, but that is where I am at for now! haha. These lights are a HUGE pain in the ass to install or change bulbs, so wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before? I was not paying much attention when I was installing the actual HID bulb into the housing, so my first thought is that the electrode on the bulb is in the wrong place in the housing? Is there a chance that if I can get to the light and turn it slightly while on, this could correct itself?

    The alternative is that it just a bad projector unit, and Anzo said if moving the bulb didn't fix it, I should try another full headlight under warranty. Before I would want to mess with taking this out again and reinstalling a new one only for it to potentially happen again, I wanted to get the experts opinions!

    I have not yet begun to dive into the idea of retrofitting better projectors in these Anzo housings, but I suspect there are plenty of DIY's out there if I did go that route...

    Thanks in advance for the advice! Excited to learn a lot about my guilty pleasure via this forum.

    Pic of dead spot on garage wall:
    Best pic I could get of the dead spot in the grass with the hot spot just right of it:

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    You have come to the right place. Your headlights are very commonly modified. Replace projector, those halogen ones are shit (not even fitted properly, rotation is off).
    Also, join 'Headlight Junkies' group on Facebook, if you have it.


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      Welcome to HID Planet!

      Looks like bulb seating is messed up. You gotta play with the bulbs and make sure they're seated correctly. If nothing can be done, and it's flush in the bulb holder, it's a bad projector. Try bench testing it off the car so you're not tied to the car when playing with it.

      But yeah, your best bet is to just do a projector swap.

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