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Skoda Octavia III HID is weak

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  • Skoda Octavia III HID is weak

    Im not satisfied with Octavia (2014) hid headlights. Low beam is not so good (long and wide) as in earlier model. Increasing power does not do the job because it makes only bright area in the middle of the beam, not there as it's needed and should be.
    There is Morimoto 55W ballasts and modified d1s bulbs installed, instead of d3s. Original d3s had propably same lumens as in right side nowdays.

    And there is also something wrong in right side headlight, it's a lot weaker than left, and also different colour. Left though makes a really bright spot in the middle of the beam. Hope You understand... It's not about bad bulb or ballast because I have changed bulbs and ballasts from left to right and back and no difference. I also cleaned that right side projector but no difference.

    Can You guys give me a tip what to do about these?

    Bad projectors? Bad bulbs? Bad ballasts?

    Are projectors replaceable if You take out the lamp and open it?

    And what type of projector there might be?

    Thanks in advance

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    You'll have to try and see the condition of the bowls. They are probably burnt. Also make sure your outer lenses are clear, any hazing/yellowing dramatically reduces output. Thirdly make sure your beam is adjusted properly.

    But yeah, grab another set of headlights and retrofit them.


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      Welcome to HID Planet!

      You'll have to post photos. Sounds like maybe one of your headlights isn't original.

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