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D8S(25w) to D3S(35w) with same ballast or new?

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  • D8S(25w) to D3S(35w) with same ballast or new?

    Hi everyone :-)

    This is my first port here so please bare with me.

    I have a VW Amarok 2018 and it has terrible headlights! :-(

    It is D8S with 25w only.

    I was thinking of convert it to D3S at 35w. I have found out that the lamp itself will fit with minor modification but how is it with ballast? Will it need to be replaced and how to find one with same connectors? Or just do some wiring adapter?

    The car itself is fairly "dumb" and I think no coding is needed if changing ballast. It has not automatic height adjustment and so.

    Info about ballast:
    Mitsubishi Electric W003T22171 D8S 25W Xenon Ballast
    VAG OEM 8K0.941.597 F DLS D8S D6S 2000H 25W MAX 1300V DC 42V AC MH7 W003T22171 MADE IN JAPAN

    ​Part number:
    Mitsubishi - W003T22171 - D8S
    8K0.941.597 F - 8K0941597F - D8S

    Pics on Ballast front and back:

    I can post pics of the project as it goes on.

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    Welcome to HIDP!

    The ballast is 25W, so you'll have to replace it. Have you confirmed that D3S has the same focal length? There was one D series bulb that was different, but that might be D5S.

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      Yes its same focal length. Have found out that the conversion have been made on Ford Focus, but I could not figure out if ballast needed to be replaced or not.

      I have now found a similar ballast from Mitsubishi with same connector going to the car. I will try using that and see how it goes.

      Thanks for ur help


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        Hello Magloman
        i have the same car and the same problem
        And did it works?