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Need Help - Replacement of Stock H18 65W Halogen with HID 35W

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  • Need Help - Replacement of Stock H18 65W Halogen with HID 35W

    My FordEcosport came with stock H18 65W Halogen Projector for low beam & H1 55 W Halogen Reflector for high beam. I am not happy with them during night drive especially with low beam. I wish to replace low beam with 35W HID (4500-5000 color temp). Which HID kit will be compatible with this set up for a plug & play replacement?

    Also please suggest a suitable replacement for high beam, being reflector, I am thinking of sticking with Halogen.

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    Split the headlight and replace the projector with HID project + appropriate modifications/brackets. Then you can use something Philips/Osram D2S bulb (if you can fit D2S projector) and a good ballast.


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      Welcome to HID Planet!

      Generally it isn't recommended to run HIDs in halogen housings. However, in a projector it tends to be accessible. From my experience, XenonDepot kits are the best because the bulbs use real Philips quartz glass capsules and the ballasts are of a very high quality.

      However, the better option (like niZmO_Man says) is to split open the headlight and replace the halogen projector with an HID one. The output will be much better! With plug and play HIDs you're just blowing out the stock optics. This way you replace the optics with superior ones.

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