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help saving sc430 - jb welded lens retainer and identify lens

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  • help saving sc430 - jb welded lens retainer and identify lens

    I took apart my retros because quality was poor and I want to redo them.
    Can these be salvaged? There is jb weld under the lens retainers. If I cut the retainer, are there replacement retainers available?
    Also, what lens are these? the little bump makes me this tsx-r clear lens. The lens are loose because lens spacer fell out.

    If i sold them as is, are they worth anything?

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    Isn't the JB weld brittle enough to break in small pieces if you chisel it out?
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      yea, i've been trying to remove all the jb weld. so much even split the projectors because I didnt know that was what's holding them together.
      The area between lens retainer is small so it'll take forever if I can fit any tools in it.


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        probably some localized heating would help the proccess...


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          I was able to completely dissemble these a while back without force.
          I didn't know the bowl/reflector were only held together by jb weld, so I removed too much jb weld on one of them.
          The lens i think were tsx-r and had cardboard spacers.

          Is there a market for these? just trying to get rid of them since I lost interest in reusing them.

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            Your google photos aren't shared/public.