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HID kit = bad cutoff

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    yeah buy D1S with AMP connectors


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      are you sure that is for D1S and not D3S ? i dont wanna to do any mistakes again.

      here is the pic again :

      by the way which one do you suggest me ?

      and what do you think about these cheaper bulbs :

      what about the connectors - should i buy ?


      *** mabye do you know some H7 XENON ADAPTER for my headlights socket ?
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        Afaik, the specification for the bulb base dimensions and where the HID arc should be are identical among D1S, D2S, D3S, and D4S.
        There are two differences. The first is that the D1S and D2S run on a different voltage (85V AC) than the D3S and D4S (42V AC). In this sense, ballasts for D1S or D2S won't work on D3S or D4S. The second is that D1S and D3S come with its built-in igniter at the base of the bulb. This means that you can't use a D2S ballast for D1S, even though the voltage is compatible; and you can't use a D4S ballast for D3S.

        If the bulb holder it came with is for D1S, then a D3S bulb will physically fit, but your D1S ballast won't work.
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          there is an H7 ADAPTER for my bulb ?

          how can i fit prefectly my H7 bulbs in my bi-xenon headlights ?

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            You can't.
            What you should do is contact the seller of your headlights (NOT Mars) and ask them what the hell is going on.
            It sounds like you bought a H7 HID kit, which should run D1/D2 bulbs (with AMP adapters/connectors).


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              i contact to the real seller and he told me that i cant use H7 bulbs on this headlights because its for D2S bulbs.

              now im really confused - what should i buy = D1S or D2S ? please help me because i dont trust this seller so much - its looks like the doesnt know for 100%.

              and one more thing = please post here some link of the AMP adapters/connectors for the correct bulb that i will buy. (D1S/D2S)

              (* i remind you that i already have this HID KIT =

              please help me to slove the problem.

              thanks you guys !
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                Jesus guys, the guy is new and you are all making out like he has been burned. He wasnt sure what bulb it should take so HE picked the wrong my opinion he has actually most likely lucked out. There is no doubt that the bulb mount in HIS pics are for a D series bulb. That style base will accept ANY D series. The statement about the green mounting ring ONLY being for a D1S is false, that ring will work on a D2S just fine. In his case i think it would be far more cost effective for him to pick up a D2S kit with bulbs/ballasts and throw them in and be done with it. However, in the links the OP posted above about which D2 bulbs to buy the first one is not a D2S but is a D2R which has that god awful painted on shield. Any decent true D2S kit will be fine for you.

                and one more thing, the pic on the second headlamp link where it shows the mount....that mount is for a D series bulb as well(not a D1 or D3 as the clips wont clear). The D series have the tiny nub at the 12o'clock position to match the cap in the bulb base. The H7 mount will always have a gap in the 12o'clock position as that is where the tab is on the H7 bulb base. There is no doubt that different projectors are present from the one in the sales pic and the one of him holding his bulb mounting ring as in HIS pic there are no mounting screw holes present for the spring clip style mount in the sales pic.


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                  jptaylor2 thanks for your answer .

                  i will buy D2S bulbs ..

                  can you post some link of the AMP adapters/connectors that i need to buy ? (for my M-TECH ballasts)


                  is this all the connectors that i need ?

         AOSwsA5a7IqL&LH_PrefLoc=1&_sacat=0&_nkw=D2S+Adapte r&_from=R40&LH_BIN=1&rt=nc

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                    what you posted are exactly what you need to should be very pleased with the end result....


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                      sounds good .. but there is another problem.

                      i really afraid to order D2S bulbs because im not sure 100% that my green ring holder will fit them correctly ..

                      it may be D1/D2/D3/D4

                      how can i figure out what is the correct type of bulbs i need to buy ? (the seller said D2S - but i dont trust him)

                      any idea ?

                      p.s - i heard that D1S/D3S/D4S will not work with AMP ballasts - is it true ?

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                        i went out and physically checked a D2S bulb in my D1S projector with the exact same green ring and it still fits perfectly. If you want you can definitely go with a D1S as well and they do make adapters so you can use your current ballast

                        or you can opt for a D1S conversion kit that will still be plug and play(this is just an example as it has ballasts, D1S bulbs and cables)


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                          strange .. two sellers on ebay told me that i cant fit D2S into D1S adapter ..


                          what is this adapter ? its diffrent than you showed me .. its seems like D1S works with other type of ballasts.


                          i think i will go with the D2S - it will be a risky but i wanna try to buy 1 cheap D2S bulb + adapter to be sure that i can fit them well.
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                            sorry but i didnt understand yet.

                            can i buy D1S bulbs and connect them to my M-tech H7 ballasts - it should work ?

                            or i must to buy a new ballasts for the D1S ?

                            thanks again!
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                              Buy D2S bulbs and adapters (D2S bulbs to AMP ballasts).

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                                this is what i want to do .. but im not sure 100% that will fit with my green adapter