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Underperforming TL with comparison output shots

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  • Underperforming TL with comparison output shots

    I recently came across a TL in the junkyard and pulled the projectors. I've Swapped a clear lens on and removed the plastic stopper piece on the drop shield.

    Is there more to improving these projectors?

    I have some modded hella A6 projectors and some muranos. I feel like both are brighter and the murano is just better in every way, hot spot, width ect. The TL is barely as wide as the A6. From everything I've read on here and comparison photos I was expecting allot more.

    Here are some comparison wall shots. both used 85122 bulbs and boosted hella gen3 @ 55w. I tried swapping bulbs + ballasts too with no changes.

    TL top Murano bottom

    Murano top TL bottom

    Width comparison, both are centered on the pole TL top murano bottom

    TL top A6 bottom

    width TL vs A6 centered on edge of garage door TL top A6 bottom

    I mean they look good but I didn't think A6 was supposed to be in the same league.

    The murano is so much brighter on the same bulb in person, the only drawback is the streaking with the clear lens on the murano, the TL seems to look pretty uniform with a clear lens. I think part of that is just the larger foreground limiter on the TL, I think if I can add more foreground limiter to the Murano it will cut off most of the streaking and probably improve distance vision.

    I didn't look at the year TL but it was likely before 3rd gen. Are the 3g TLs that much better?

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    I mean, the width of the TL is far superior to the A6 projector, which doesn't have much width at all. But yeah, your hotspot is entirely gone. Requires more tuning. 3G TLs are great projectors, but only AFTER tons of time and tuning. Needs more work it seems. Can't say for sure, never tuned them myself.

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      The TL had a few different versions of projectors. Are those bixenon? The TLs were never really supposed to be "omg wide", but they were really the best choice because of their high beam and good, balanced output


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        Ya, bixenon. I think off an 04. Are the bowls on the 06+ with the shield over the high beam solenoid that much better?

        I think something must be wrong with the bowls, the output color even seems off. I suppose I only really glanced in the bowls. Is it worth finding new tls vs the muranos. The muranos bowls are the highest quality finish I've seen so far.

        I'm not super concerned about width, I was just using it as a frame of reference because these are no wider than the a6 output as you see I'm the pictures so I figured something is up.

        My plan is selectable quads, originally with murano + a6. A6 for its high beam. Also selectable 35/55 watt ballast for each. I just drive allot at night, some in city and lots of traffic, sometimes back roads with sudden oncoming cars I'd rather not blind and sometimes long dark back roads with no lights or people for hours but lots of deer.

        I realize just the muranos @35w are plenty adequate but I figured while I'm in there... I mean if it's there and I don't use it, it's not hurting anything. If I could use the additional distance lighting but it's not there...