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Car was in the shop for a month, now the passenger side bulb won't turn on

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  • Car was in the shop for a month, now the passenger side bulb won't turn on

    I just got my car back from the shop after it was in there for a fender bender. There was some damage to the front and back of the vehicle.

    At one point in time, I think they may have had to take the front bumper apart to repair (mainly, it appeared to be cosmetic damage per the estimates).

    Anyway, they did notice the HID equipment that I have in there, but probably didn't do much to disturb anything, I would hope.

    The passenger side bulb does not illuminate when turned on. It did turn on *once* during testing, but when I had turned the car off and on again, it failed to illuminate.

    We're not sure whether it's a bulb issue, or wiring, but the dealership is willing to look over the wiring and put in new bulbs, if needed.

    I had my work done by HK45 a couple years ago, and everything was fine with the passenger side until I had brought the car in for work.

    It did stay in the shop for about a month (maybe a bit over), while they were waiting on a backordered part (trunk issue), so it's not like the car was getting any frequent use during that time.

    Should I be buying new Morimoto bulbs to test whether or not it's the bulb? If it's the bulb, if the dealership swaps the left and right, that should be a quick enough test to figure out whether or not it's a failed bulb or loose wiring, right?

    Interestingly, when the lights are turned on, the little parking light turns on (2014 Ford Focus), but just not the projector.

    I don't know I can properly navigate the tight space between the housings to check the bulbs myself (plus, not very handy), or I'd do it and figure out whether it's a bulb or something else that's defective.

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    Any thoughts or ideas as a non-handy person?


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      Did they have to do anything to the headlights? If the lights turned on without the bulbs being plugged in, it might have fried the ballast. The only real way to diagnose this issue is to start swapping components side to side until the problem follows the swapped component.