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Prius retrofit advice request

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  • Prius retrofit advice request

    I'm looking for opinions on the various options I have for what to do with my 2011 prius. The stock setup is as follows:

    Koito H11 Halogen projector low beam 3" lens
    9005 halogen hi beam
    H11 fog lamp

    based on research indicating the Koito halogen projectors do ok with a PNP kit, I've got some cheap crap ebay bulbs and ballasts on the low beam, and they are indeed just ok, better IMO than halogen H11, idk about H9, I didn't try that. But nevertheless I'm ready for a real upgrade and don't want to have any regrets, so I'm committed to using quality components and doing it right this time, no compromises. I do a lot of late night/early morning driving on backroads and highways

    I've previously done a generic mini h1 quad retrofit on a different car that had quad H7 reflectors

    My research indicates the RX350 non afs bix projectors should be aaaalmost a drop in replacement for the current H11 projector low beam, so this seems like a no brainer, however, they're expensive, er at least compared to mh1 7.0. And I would almost definitely go with the clear lens and the tuning bringing them up to $330

    And my first instinct was to do a quad retro with the mh1 7.0 in the high beam spot, as I've seen an example of this online and i know it'll fit and it just seems like a wasted opportunity/compromise to have the headlight open and not throw a 7.0 in there for as relatively inexpensive as they are. I also considered doing a md2s4.0 in the high beam spot but am unsure if the larger lens/shroud will fit, If I knew for certain it would, I might be inclined to use the 4.0 over the 7.0

    I know quad bix is seen by a lot of people as needlessly expensive, complicated, unnecessary, and potentially too bright etc. which had me wondering if I'm thinking about this the wrong way... in that the performance of the morimoto mini projectors is so good, should i be spending the money on tuned rx350's just because they're an easy fit? or should I save myself a bunch of money and just focus on doing a really good job on retroing a single set of either mh1 or md2s into the high beam spot and leaving the h11 projector alone, or should i do the rx350 and leave the high beam alone, which would be a little more expensive than the minis?

    Also what to do about the foglights? I like the idea of using foreground limiters on the single pair or one or both of the pairs if I go the quad route and then using the foglights to provide that foreground/side lighting when conditions warrant it.
    If I plan to use the fogs in this manner, can I do any better than the morimoto xb led fogs that again should be a drop in (for the toyota specific ones anyways)? I mean maybe there are some oem led fogs that may be better in the absolute sense, but when the ease of installation is factored in, those xb's seem pretty hard to beat...

    I'm open to all suggestions and points of view, just trying to make sure I'm thinking about this the right way before I spend like 1200 on a quad bix retro with led fogs and while I don't want to make any compromises, I also recognize that if the guys with more experience doing this tell me that I could get 90% of the way there with a single set of projectors for a fraction of the cost, or whatever, that I have to factor that into my decision.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to HID Planet!

    The performance of a projector like the RX350 is definitely leagues ahead of the Mini H1 7.0 (I own both). The Mini H1 is a great projector for its size, I mean nothing really rivals it at its thinness, but you absolutely should do RX350. They're amazing. I would suggest buying them used though, TRS overcharges for tuning and doesn't do a great job from the examples we've seen. Plus they use the wrong kind of lens. I'd almost suggest you tune them yourself with proper lenses from Lightwerkz, since those lenses make it much easier to tune. And yeah, pretty much drop in except for some potential trimming to make room for the solenoid.

    Quad retros are cool, but that's about it. You don't really need all that extra light. It's going to be hard to align both projectors into one beam. There's no practical use for it IMO. Just really cool. Not dissuading you, but I wouldn't do it, especially for my first retro.

    The stock projector is okay, but really lacking. I wouldn't leave it in and add a Mini H1. I currently drive a Lexus CT200h with the same 3" Koito projectors as you, and I've already purchased RX350s. Here are some great resources for your retro:

    And this may not be a Prius, but it goes through everything he did to tune his projectors.

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      Originally posted by Haloruler64 View Post
      Welcome to HID Planet!
      Thank you! and thanks for your insight and resources, I really appreciate it.


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        Welcome. Just to add; the only good reason to do quads is if you have 2 very different pairs and plan to use 1 pair at a time. I also did one because it felt like an interesting challenge.
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