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  • Redo F150 Retro

    Planning on redoing my F150 and getting rid of the current Mini 5.0 setup. Going D2S and just trying to narrow it down to either EvoX 2.0, G5-R, or G5-EXL. I wasn't able to find any numbers on the G5-EXL to see how it compares to the Evo 2.0. Of course I'm wanting the same as everyone, distance and width, but would prioritize distance.

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    Seems like the EXL really favors distance with the heavy hot spot judging from the pics posted by LightWerkz. Just bought a pair and hopefully can install to replace my RX350s.


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      I've decided to go with the EX. It might not be quite as wide as the G5-R, but is much better than what I have now. I wish the EXL had some more shroud options, but I have plenty of Aux lights to take care of distance.

      I'm interested in the new 2.0 and 1.8 projectors lightwerkz just posted as well, be interesting to see those wall shots.


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        Got the G5-EX for main projector, using G37 shrouds. Going to order the 2.0 projector from lightwerkz for the second one, not sure on shroud yet.
        Have also ordered switchback demon eyes to run on the 2.0, most likely going to add a switchback halo behind that one as well. Possibly going with RGB halo on the main shroud. Planning on running a 12" switchback led on the bottom to add onto the turn signal setup.
        thinking about ptm at least one shroud and blacking out the rest of the headlight.


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          Slowly getting everything together. Picked up the Mini 2.0 and some Phillips White Vision 2.0 bulbs from the Lightwerkz Memorial Day sale. Need to dig through my old boxes, but I think all I need now are some switchback halos and strips for turn signals.