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I Need Help to Open Projector Headlights

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  • I Need Help to Open Projector Headlights

    Hi, I have Spec-D HID Projector Headlights installed in my 2000 Mitsubishi Galant. I am wanting to open them because they drastically need cleaning since there is dirt and leaves inside the headlights. At what temperature would I need to bake them and for how long?? Also, what kind of sealant would I use to reseal? Thank you all for the help!

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    There are plenty of threads on how to do this. Do some searching. You use butyl rubber (some people use 3M window weld ribbon).
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      That's a good link that Wicked SC provided. Everyone has a different idea on temperature and time. It seems like we all have varied experiences and kind of adjust accordingly. I personally use 200-220F for 10-15 minutes for butyl sealed headlights. For a permaseal I'd use a little higher temp and leave them in a little longer.

      I also use something like these for permaseal headlights. Not necessary for butyl ones but a nice tool to have:

      While you're in there you may want to swap projectors. TRS has a Spec-D kit.
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