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Painting headlight lens

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  • Painting headlight lens

    So im doing a Retro on a newer Chevy 3500. it has huge headlight assemblies. I am installing rx350s, and mh1s. I was thinking about painting the lens with Nightshades, except for the small area the light would actually broadcast thru. Any suggestions on making sure I Only paint the none critical area. AKA how do i find out exactly were the light hits on the lens.

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    do you plan on going a mat finish? if not then if you clear coat it, most clear coats are UV resistant.
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      Thinking Matte finish. gonna go with the blacked out look.


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        Just paint the inside of the housing rather than the lens. Painted lenses look cheap IMO.


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          Originally posted by Stangpwr71 View Post
          AKA how do i find out exactly were the light hits on the lens.
          Take a piece of painters tape (the blue one), and place a strip on the headlight. Any placement where both low beam and high beams are not affected should be ok to paint on. Repeat until you've covered all areas you want to paint.
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