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*** Official new TRS shroud teaser - Introducing the "5Vector" **** (final design pics pg. 6)

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  • *** Official new TRS shroud teaser - Introducing the "5Vector" **** (final design pics pg. 6)

    Good evening fellow HID fanatics!!

    I'd like to start this thread by saying it has been a pleasure working with Matt/TRS so far. I'm very pleased and proud to offer my design and modeling experience to help TRS acheive new shroud designs in the near future!! As of now there are talks of completely revamping the TRS shroud line-up with fresh, bold, new cutting edge designs to help set those retrofits off to a new level. We've all grown accustomed to seeing the same shrouds used over and over, which is fine as many are very nice, but at the same time it's refreshing to see something new on the horizon. Some shroud designs will possibly incorporate possibilites of drilling out predesigned holes or slots to mount LED's or CCFL tubes behind for a unique look! Very cool designs are on the way!

    With all that said I'd like to introduce the newest design that is near completition. It is tentatively dubbed the TRS 5Vector for now. Not sure if Matt wants to change the name I've dubbed it or not but that is purely his call as it's his business . This shroud has some ques from the Lamborghini Murcielago, Chrysler Crossfire and a mix of both Matt and myself own design ideas. The current result is what we feel as a very slick and cool shroud design. This shroud is designed to work with the FX-R, RX330, and similar sized projectors.

    We would like to know what the public thinks of this current design. There are some minro changes that are in the works for it but for now this is it's current state. We are currently thinking of bringing the floating halo region of the rear more towards the front to give the shroud a more umbrella look. I'm currently working on those changes as well as some others we've discussed. I'll update this thread as Matt and I revise the designs I come up with and we'd like to hear your opinions as the design is being tweaked until production. Afterall, it's ultimately you guys that will be wanting to use shrouds and we'd like nothing more than to deliver something many are pleased with. It's rare in todays world that people get to voice their constructive criticism to help shape design (no pun intented). So this is something many of the end customers in todays world never get to be a part of.

    General dimensions as of now:
    Outer diameter: 5.865"
    Depth: 2.436"
    Lens openiing diameter: 2 3/4"
    Small arrayed holes (the currently do not protrude thru): 1/4" diameter
    Angle of front beveled area of arrayed holes: 120* face to face (or 60* off center axis)

    Without further delay, here is the 5Vector...

    In the image below the shroud was given an anodized red finish to help show Matt and you guys the "floating halo" region towards the rear of the projector....

    And finally some simulated night pr0n ...

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    i like it. i want a set please send me a set to beta test
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      dayum I should have waited for these and the others. oh well maybe it is time for the runners retro


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        I am not sure when or how long production will take. My work is currently in talks with finally buying a 3D printer (rapid prototype machine) so there is a chance I can possibly get some test/beta shrouds made for test fitment before production begins. While I was in Vegas for the annual Autodesk University conference, my coworkers and I stopped by all the 3D printer vendors and examined the different technolgies and methods of creating prototype plastic parts. I've followed that technology since it's infancy stages. It has grown very fast in such a short timeframe. The prices are very affordable for many companies to now use this technology and buy their own printer. Years ago the cost was hardly justifiable and the end result was outsourcing to a business that prints the parts for you. Those days will dwindle soon enough as technology grows and initial investment continues to drop. We really liked the UV method as opposed to the extrusion method of creating the parts from resins. I have the printer budgeted but I'm not sure when my company will sign off on the proposal. We'll see but I'm hoping we will get a printer around mid to late spring season, maybe sooner

        Glad you like the design so far guys!!!
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          Those look really nice...

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            very, very nice!


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              I like it, but I think I would like them better with out the holes. I like a more plain look.


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                You are the man! I like them... If I sent you some DXF files could you model them for me ? I need someone who can reverse eng items for me, I love your work. Maybe you can assist.



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                  Cheers Hak! so what do you guys think about this design? this will be a good alternative to the Apollo design shrouds - so we're well aware that this model wont fit the bill as in retrofits as well as something more E46-R shaped would. The good news? we'll be working on several other shrouds after this one to offer a new one in every "fitment" category so not to worry!

                  As Hak said, for this one I'm thinking to extend the rear 'halo' flange out a bit more to give the shroud a little more depth, and possibly even a bit forward to "shroud the shroud" pun intended

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                    Matt I like them, what I would like to see in regards to shrouds would be an attachment for those who have deep round bowls. Something that could be trimmed in the rear but attach behind the shroud, I guess an extension to cover everything up. For the IS300's I am working on a flat plate that can be blacked out and spaced over the bowl but cut around the projector to hide everything.



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                      i think they look awesome! i like the idea of having a dedicated area to help install LEDs or CCFL
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                        Something I'd definitely consider! Good thing its large enough to completely cover the FX-R!
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                          Looks pretty cool IMO. Seems like those arrayed holes would work awesome for an LED ring setup - but I guess that was probably the idea, huh?


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                            Here is a version of it as being a "shrouded" shroud. Other differences are enlarged "gap" of the "floating halo" area. This area could be used to have CCFL, LED, etc as backlight and allow illumination in between. Thoughts?

                            Sorry, these are not the pretty renders but rather straight out of the modeling software and not final rendered using my rendering software.

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                              Absolutely LOVE the tweaks. I'd sell those to my customers all day long.