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Demon eye not work

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  • Demon eye not work

    ingasdfakldbought a prisum demon eye and wired it up to a 12 v switch direct. worked for a moment but now won't come on at all. Do i need a inverter or a mini relay harness?

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    Did you buy the remote control? It should be 12v plug in and play, but I read on TRS site you need a remote:
    "REMOTE CONTROL: First-time users will need to purchase an optional RGB Controller. The Morimoto XBT is recommended for the best performance and color accuracy, has a killer Iphone/Android Bluetooth app, and three channels, which can be controlled independently. The Profile PrismPilot is a more basic RF-based setup that has four channels, but no smartphone app or independent output control. We don't want to be pushy, but trust us: the smartphone app is pretty sweet and makes modifying the color of your color-changing LED headlights easy enough for your grandma to handle!"
    Also, you can get rid of the space background in the entry field to see what you type by clicking the <> icon/button on the upper left of the entry box. Thought it would help ya out!