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  • Shroud Issue

    I built a set of headlights for a Fiesta ST. The headlamps themselves came out fine, but I miscut the shrouds a bit and painted them. The shrouds have rubbed some paint off on the inside of the lens which I hope to clean off. The shrouds also show a sizable gap and as such leak light. Its does not bother me so much as an aesthetic point, so I have left it.

    With the release of the 8.0s and car season coming up, I was thinking of removing the 7.0s but remembered I used steel stick to further reinforce them.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to remove the projector and steel stick without damaging the reflector buckets. I know I can Dremel it out, but I did not want to risk damaging the paint job, and was curious if anyone just pried it out?

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    I don't think that stuff can just pry out, that's why it's used in the first place. To be permanent. Sounds like it would be best to start over with new heads lights, projectors, and shrouds now that you've done it before, your next attempt will go a lot better


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      Yeah. You will probably totally redo your current set including paint or buy all new parts. If you can easily / cheaply aquire new parts I would do that and then sell the old set.
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        Sounds like that will be what I will have to do. They work fine, its just I want to turn the car into a summer car / show car, so fixing the little blemishes is on the to do list. Thanks for the suggestions.