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Best RGBW Halos & Strips with Switchback Function

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  • Best RGBW Halos & Strips with Switchback Function

    OK, so I'm thinking of starting in my cutting on my Panamera 2.0 Switchback Shroud. I didn't know that if I bought the Profile Pixel RGBW Insert, it would replace the Switchback insert. Well that's money wasted. Probably going to send them back & buy the Panamera 1.0 Shroud & possibly use the RGBW Pixel insert. But that insert only has like, 4 big LED's. I want to illuminate the entire ring. Plus this particular insert is not only RGBW, but also has switchback; both functions that are not available with the Profile Pixel Halos.

    OK, so here is what I want. I'm sure I'll get some flack for this, but please keep your negative comments to yourself. I've ran my headlights like this since 2014 and love the way they look and so does everyone else who has seen them in person....
    I'm wanting to figure out how to run 3 seperate pairs of halos. So I know the front mounts to the front as an 80mm. Then the insert is considered a 110mm. Now I dobt think I'll have the room to go larger further behind it, but if I had to, I suppose I could always try Semi-Circles. This shroud is rather huge & I'm really retrofitting here because of the headlights I'm installing everythibg in.

    I'm upgrading my headlights for a 3rd time. 1st: Morimoto MH1 6.0. 2nd: Morimoto MH1 7.0. Not much of a difference obviously. Morimoto 50w Ballasts, halos & shrouds didn't change. Mini Graphite shrouds, Morimoto XC Halos. From Front to Back; 80mm in the diffuser. 110mm in the middle & outside of the shroud. 100mm at the very back, sandwiched inbetween the translucent Graphite Shroud & my black painted metal retrofit bracket. Works really well. Not overkill. Flows nicely, but it was my first attempt & the middle halo just floats there mounted with well placed & hidden picture hanging wire.

    Is there a much better shroud that offers a great placement for a 3rd halo?
    Any RGBW Switchback halos out there that are as good, if not better than Profile Pixel & Morimoto XC/XSB?

    I'm going to use the XKChrome BT Controller. Seems like it's the best one on the market with the most functionalities (wire to "Underbody" lights & whatnot to illuminate all red [strobe flash 3 times then solid red,] change colors to underglow &/halo/strips to as speed increases, wire to turn signals for switchback function, wire them to your alarm to help find your bike, flash on arm & disarm, can control 2 seperate channels per controller [halos on Zone 1 & demon eyes on Zone 2,] Find Bike Mode pins your bike & allows you to follow it on a map to find it then illuminate it once close & Gamma Color Correction... I don't have Underglow lights, but I may add a pair of strips sometime down the road. I do atleast plan to fit an RGBW Switchback Strips in my headlights from the inside bottom corner up to the outside top corner (half of the headlights.)

    If I can find RGBW Switchback Halos & Strips, I don't have to use the 2nd Zone for Switchback on my controller & be forced to buy a 2nd controller (can add up to 6 controllers for 12 zones.)