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  • Profile Prism RGB Problem


    Using the XBT controller- channels 1 & 2, two halos per channel and all with turn signal interrupt connected, While the remote app is not powered on, one of the halos is showing a blue-green color, when it is supposed to be white. Then when the turn signal is activated, that same halo blinks pure green, not amber. When the app is active, the selected color shows the same on all four halos (for instance red), but again, when the turn signal is activated the same affected halo still blinks green. I'm not sure if this a problem with the controller, the driver or the halo. I checked it this morning while the engine was cold and it was fine, everything working normally. Then later in the day after driving around the problem was back, so if it is a heat issue would that indicate the driver? Has anyone else using this setup had a similar issue?

    I figured I'd swap drivers to see if the problem carries over to a different halo. If it does, that likely means its the driver and not the halo, right?
    05 Nissan Titan LE KC 4WD
    Too Many Modifications To List
    Morimoto Profile Prism Halos/ XBT Controller/
    Morimoto 7 Mini H1 Projectors with XB35 Ballasts/
    HE Philips Lumled Luxeon ZES LED High Beams